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  • SmartMonkey TV Interview

    SmartMonkey TV Interview

    Duration: 00:06:26

    Charles Landry talks about what creativity means in terms of cities; and the different roles of the public and private sectors.

  • Detroit Keynote – Part 1

    Detroit Keynote – Part 1

    Duration: 00:07:11

    The summit was the first time Charles, John Howkins and Richard Florida appeared together. Part one describes the changing context of cities.

  • Detroit Keynote – Part 2

    Detroit Keynote – Part 2

    Duration: 00.06.44

    This second section looks at the major faultlines and dilemmas in thinking about cities.

  • Detroit Keynote – Part 3

    Detroit Keynote – Part 3

    Duration: 00:06:09

    Section three looks towards the future and how bureaucracies need to change, plus examples  of creative action.

  • Sydney City Talks 2011

    Sydney City Talks 2011

    Duration: 00:29:49

    How does a city become magnetic and a model for others to emulate. Plus a description of the Creative City Index.

  • Beyond the Creative City

    Beyond the Creative City

    Duration: 00:22:41

    The Amsterdam PICNIC Festival 2011. Thinking through how you build a culture of creativity, including its wide-ranging applications  and how do you measure urban imagination.

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