Co-Innovating at Speed: The Shaking Hans Project

N.I.C.E. is the Network for Innovation in Culture and Creativity in Europe and at the Forum d´Avignon Ruhr on the 27th and 28th June 2013, held at the famous rejuvenated Zeche Zollverien in Essen, it instigated an imaginative experiment to … Read More

The city & its ambiguity

I feel ambiguous about cities. And that after all these years of being inside them as part of their intrinsic fibre or looking at them from the outside or advising people who run cities. I wish I felt more at … Read More

Generosity & Meanness

Great cities show civic generosity and this in turn affects citizens who want to give back as they then take pride in where they live. This becomes apparent at first sight. Indeed first impressions of a city count as they … Read More

The personality of cities

I always like thinking of cities as if they were a person. It makes it easier for me to get a grip on them. Traditionally when we assess a city we look at its employment rate, its industries, its locational … Read More

Urban Acupuncture & Taipei

Taipei’s Urban Regeneration Organization (URO) launched an urban acupuncture programme in 2010 as a means of creating targeted actions that effect things catalytically, generate interest, surprise and establish energy in places. Their aim is to create small interventions with big … Read More

The talent shown in Taipei

I have just left Taipei, where I have been involved for 2 years acting as an advisor/mentor to the head of their Urban Regeneration organization in collaboration with Bamboo Curtain International led by Margaret Shiu of ( Taiwan has a … Read More