The PUBLIC Symposium:

International change makers & their transformative ideas There is a deep yearning for shared experiences and shared conversation as well as desire for projects, places and platforms where such encounters can unfold. It focuses our attention on the great virtues … Read More

Emerging themes April 2015

A shift is happening and it could be significant. Three issues jump into the foreground and they are linked to three words: ‘human’, ‘public’ and ‘start-up’. There is the Human Cities project led by St. Etienne, involving 12 places across … Read More

Cities of Ambition

A collaboration with the Knight Foundation Miami and published in June 2015. Why do some cities punch above their weight? How do they avoid being drained of talent and being caught up in the vortex effect of major hubs like … Read More

Recent insights

History and creativity can be great partners, but only if strong principles lead the way. This is my conclusion reflecting on recent involvement in places as varied as Siem Reap and seeing how tourism and world heritage sites could be … Read More

Co-designing conferences

Charles is increasingly involved in co-curating conferences and symposia that seek to have a catalytic impact. Most recently these include: ‘The Art of Public Life’ organized by FORM, Perth Australia – April 2015. ‘At the boundaries of sound’ in collaboration … Read More

What’s new?

A collaboration with the organization Population Matters will look at the impacts of the growing world population on cities. Think back 75 years and 2,287 billion people lived on earth and on the 1st day of 2105 there were 7,244billion … Read More