Current testimonials

How you held together and summarized the Urban Thinkers Campus in Mannheim was really impressive…. Thank you for your very professional contribution to the City We Need process

Christine Auclair
co-ordinator World Urban Campaign

I had the pleasure, putting it lightly, to attend your captivating lecture you gave at Vancouver. I cannot tell you how many times it has replayed in my mind… I am astounded by how you see things and how you relate your insights to others.

Anne Denman
Executive Director
Okanagan International Festival of Animation

You are quite amazing… I don’t know how you can write when you must be very tired. Brilliance, I suppose!

Lynda Dorrington
Executive Director
FORM, Perth

I believe that your deep knowledge about creative cities, paired with your charismatic public speaking skills has made our event very interactive and productive.

Taleb Rifai
Secretary-General of the United Nations
World Tourism Organization
February 2015

Charles' talk was powerful and much appreciated.

Luis Fernando Arboleda Gonzalez,
President, Findeter.
25th anniversary of Findeter, the Colombian Development Bank

Let me thank you very much for your great presentation last Monday. The crowd was truly amazed by what you had to say, and how you said it.

Urias J. Santos Bakker
Keynote presentation of the Future of Rotterdam
Strategy & Reputation manager Woonstad
December 2014

That talk was just brilliant, the vox populi said that your speech was much appreciated

Jean Pierre Saez
The Lyon Conference on the Metamorphoses of Contemporary Culture
December 2014

Perfectly presented, you hit the right pitch.

Clover Moore
Mayor of Sydney
The Bays Precinct Summit hosted by the New South Wales government
November 2014

I know that many people were inspired by the presentations and discussions, and I feel more hopeful and motivated now that we will be able to have progress in our work here.

Dag Hartmann
Ostersund, Sweden now nominated to host the 2016
Unesco Creative Cities Network Summit

Thank you for presenting our New Year’s celebration talk, you held the attention of and inspired our 2500 audience extremely well.

Dr Peter Kurz
Mayor of Mannheim
January 2014

I really found our discussion about the future of cities stimulating.

Christer Larsson
Head of planning
Cities of Ambition project
January 2014

I have been extremely pleased to listen to your creative and inspiring presentation. I have been looking for this for quite a long time.

Anne Lemaistre
Head of Unesco
The Hangzhou International Congress: Culture the Key to sustainable Development
May 2014

You are quite mesmerizing.

Rainer Kern
Director of Enjoy Jazz
At the boundaries of sound Conference
October 2014